Neighborhood Schools

Our mission is to protect homeowner value. One of the greatest ways we can protect our neighborhood value is to have public schools. We fully support our three public schools: High Point Elementary, Ridgeview Charter School and Riverwood International Charter High School, both financially and in message.
High Point Elementary
520 Greenland Road NE
Sandy Springs, GA 30342
Ridgeview Charter Middle School
5340 S. Trimble Road 
Sandy Springs GA 30342
Ridgeview International Charter High School
5900 Raider Drive NW
Sandy Springs GA 30328
High Point Elementary Ridgeview Middle Riverwood High
High Point Elementary was built in 1961. It was originally built for Grades 1 through 7 with less than 400 students. At that time, High Point had no Kindergarten or PreKclasses. There was no air conditioning at High Point until the 1970's! In the past 50 years, there have been quite a few changes.

High Point has had two major additions since it was built. The Kindergarten wing was added in 1987. The Fourth and Fifth grade wing was added in 2007. We now have a student population of approximately 800 students in Grades PreK through 5.

In 2012, High Point Elementary earned Title 1 Distinguished Status.
  Riverwood International Charter School is centrally located in Sandy Springs, offering both the International Studies Magnet and International Baccalaureate Programs to students from the entire school district. The administration is committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment where students can learn, teachers can teach and parents can be involved.

Results attest to this commitment: members of the Class of 2009 received more than $8.4 million in scholarships and were accepted to more than 180 colleges and universities. With six National Merit Semifinalists and five National Merit Scholars, the graduating class of 2009 also had the school's first National Merit Achievement Scholar. Riverwood's diverse student body is 49% white, 25% black and 21% Hispanic, and offers programs to serve every student's needs, from Talented and Gifted to ESOL. International students hail from 44 different countries with 22 different native languages. Riverwood loves its teams and clubs as well, cheering the volleyball and soccer teams to state championships in recent years, and supporting nearly 100 clubs, arts and sports programs.