Planning and Zoning

High Point Civic Association Position on
Petition to Change Sandy Springs Character Map
The HPCA Board recently agreed to voice an opinion and make official comment about a petition to change the Sandy Springs City Character Map regarding property at the Northeast corner of Windsor Parkway and Roswell Road.  This corner is a site where Christmas trees are sold during the Christmas holiday season, north of Popeye’s restaurant and east of Gateway Shopping Center.    
The HPCA has indicated to the city planning commission and to our councilman, Tibby DeJulio, that we oppose the change.  While the petition is about a particular use of the property, any change to the requested classification would not limit the property to that one use and could eventually open it up to more than 30 other options, many of which (gas station, car wash, etc.) we would even more strongly oppose – but would have lost that ability due to the initial requested change.  We also feel that changes in the landscaping and parking could negatively impact our neighbors to the east (and downhill) in the Hedden Road and Windsor Park Place neighborhoods.
The next phase of the process is for the petitioner to present the plan to the City Planning Commission on Tuesday, September 24th at City Springs. 
Public comment is welcome online.  We always encourage our members to make their own decisions on projects such as this and to express their views to their city representatives.  The more comments, the more weight behind the majority opinions.  You can learn more about the petition, CA 19-0001, and make your own public comment by Clicking Here.  Live public comments are also welcome at the Planning Committee meeting on September 24th at 6 PM at City Springs.
Thank you for your support of the High Point Civic Association and your help in making our neighborhood the “Best Place to Live Inside the Perimeter.” 
Duffy Hickey 
HPCA Board President 
Petition Update and Successful Outcome 
(January 22, 2020)
The petition to change the character map for property at the northeast corner of Roswell Road and Windsor Parkway, having been unanimously rejected by the Sandy Springs Planning Commission, was taken off the City Council agenda at its October 15, 2019 meeting.  Removal was due to a clerical error on the petition that would have created more issues to resolve down line.
Subsequently, the errors were remedied and on December 18, 2019, the planning commission again voted unanimously to recommend that the city council deny the petition.
On January 21, 2020, the Sandy Springs City Council voted unanimously to reject the petition.
The HPCA is pleased with this result.  The decision is consistent with the intent and implementation of a 3-year process, conducted by the city with active citizen involvement, to create the character map.  In particular, the decision protects the property of neighbors immediately adjacent to the site and prevents potential uses of the property that many High Point residents would have considered undesirable.


Sandy Springs Planning and Zoning Division

The City's Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for the implementation of rules and regulations found in the City's Urban Development and Comprehensive Plan related to the development of property.

The HPCA plays a role in planning and zoning, particularly when there are petitions for changes in current zoning code/designations that would impact our neighborhood, positive or negative.

City Zoning Meetings

Community Meeting I

  • Community Meeting I is a general informational meeting designed to allow citizens and members of the development community a "first look" at the zoning petitions submitted to the Department of Community Development.

Community Meeting II

  • The second of the required community meetings, Committee Meeting II, is an opportunity for the applicant/owner/developer to address concerns raised by citizens at the meeting regarding a proposal. Additionally, a draft of the staff recommendation and proposed conditions of approval will be presented.  This meeting is open to all interested citizens and applicants are required to attend.
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Planning Commission

  • The Planning Commission is an advisory board which reports its findings and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council. The board is involved in hearings involving rezonings, use permits, concurrent variances, and changes to zoning maps and ordinances.

Board of Appeals

  • The Board of Appeals is a quasi-legal board charged with hearing requests for variances from regulations of the Zoning Ordinance. The board bases decisions on the merits of applications with strict adherence to specific factors.