2023 HPCA College Scholarships

The High Point Civic Association has awarded two $3,000 scholarships to two deserving students from Riverwood International Charter School, the public high school that serves our neighborhood. Graduating senior Zohra-Isabella Basmadjian, also a graduate of Ridgeview Middle School, will attend the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO,  and fellow Ridgeview Middle classmate Jathziry Chavez-Nonthe will attend Georgia State University.
This is the sixth year that the Association has offered scholarships to Title 1 students who attended High Point Elementary and/or Ridgeview Middle Schools before earning such high academic achievements at Riverwood International Charter School.  
Jathziry   Zohra-Isabella
(from left to right):
Colin Hubbard, HPCA Board Member; Kindra Smith, RICS Principal; Jathziry Chavez-Nonthe, Scholarship recipient; Melissa Gavre, RICS counselor; Duffy Hickey, HPCA Board Member
  Zohra-Isabella Basmadjian, Scholarship recipient
Congratulations to our Scholarship Recipients!