Why Join and Support the High Point Civic Association?

Why We Exist:  “…to promote the common good and general welfare of the residents of the High Point neighborhood by working to promote friendship, cooperation and understanding among all residents, to foster civic pride, to enhance, preserve and maintain property values, and to provide a forum for the full and free discussion of all matters of interest to the residents of the neighborhood."
  • Our members are families and homeowners who care about their neighborhood.
  • Our children attend local public and private schools.
  • The HPCA has a long track record as a strong, respected voice with Sandy Springs City Council and Planning Commission.
  • Our organization has a seat at the table of the City Board of Appeals.
  • We actively participated in the development of the City’s long term Character Map.
  • We host a website that provides a link to all city matters of particular interest to the High Point community.
  • We host the Annual Fall Festival open to all in the community.
  • We host an Annual Meeting to elect the Association board and educate members on local interest topics.
  • We  host periodic special interest meetings to enhance an understanding of city/neighborhood/community issues.
Recent interventions:
  • To preserve the character of High Point Road, the HPCA recently successfully opposed the division of a 1-acre lot on High Point Road into three lots for home development.
  • HPCA successfully opposed the development of land on a flood-plane into school athletic fields and parking lots at the south end of High Point Road in order to preserve the value of and protect the property and nature of the homes in that immediate neighborhood.
  • HPCA successfully petitioned rejection of a requested character map change for property at the northeast corner of Roswell Road and Windsor Parkway, in order to protect neighboring homeowner properties.
  • HPCA supported and provided substantial input to the Sandy Springs City Council on the development of Windsor Meadows Park at the corner of Windsor Parkway and Northland Road.
  • HPCA provided input on the development of the Gateway Project regarding housing, traffic and retail design.
  • HPCA recognized and provided thank-you awards to High Point area fire and police forces for their outstanding service to the community following the impact of a recent hurricane.
  • HPCA hosted neighborhood special information meetings on area public schools (High Point, Ridgeview and Riverwood); violent crime follow-up in the Derby Hills neighborhood; city offerings on securing homes; detailed review of new City police policy on home alarm response.
  • HPCA provides two annual college scholarships for Riverwood High School seniors who attended either High Point Elementary and/or Ridgeview Middle schools.
  • HPCA provides additional financial support to High Point Elementary School.