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Riverwood International Charter School Scholarship Fund for the Class of 2023

05/01/2022 to 04/30/2023


HPCA awards two annual scholarships to students from Riverwood International Charter School, one each to a male and female student, who are from Title One families, have attended either High Point Elementary and/or Ridgeview Middle School and are enrolling in college.  100% of any contribution you make will go toward these scholarships each year.  (Please note:  This contribution is separate from your annual dues.  HPCA does not qualify as a 501(c)(3) organization; therefore, contributions are not tax deductible.)  Scholarship donations are currently being accepted for the Class of 2023.
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The following people have contributed.

Brittany Charron
Cheri and Rich Kenah
Chris Laird
Christine and Wayne Williams
Colin Hubbard
Frank and Mike
Guy Tucker
Jamie Pennington
Jennifer Barnes
Joe Shanley
Keith Kyle
Leslie Rose
Linda Hendelberg
Lindsay Mullen
Marc Musgrove
Mary Ford
Matt Payne
Mira Liniado
Norris Broyles
Paul Marotte
Robin Conklin
Robin and Duffy Hickey
Ruth Sprinkle
Sallie Duncan
Sally and Neal Patton
Sheila Cornelius
Sue Griffin
Susan Mazier
William Gannon
Yonatan Hambourger
Zach Wilson