HB 1093

New Georgia Legislation May Negatively Impact Sandy Springs and 
Other Cities/Neighborhoods in Georgia

There is a new HB 1093 under consideration in the Georgia Legislature that may negatively impact Sandy Springs and our neighborhoods, as well as other cities, municipalities, and neighborhoods across the state. 

When Sandy Springs became a city, control of our own land use was one of the primary reasons for that initiative, and in the past, our neighborhoods had significant zoning issues with Fulton County and the State of Georgia. 
This new bill proposes to allow the state to override Sandy Springs Zoning.   Recently, Mayor Paul went to the state legislature to oppose HB 1093 on behalf of the Sandy Springs City Council.  Mayor Paul stated that HB 1093 has “limitations on a municipality’s authority to make housing, land use, and zoning decisions….”. (AJC Article here.).  
The High Point Civic Association (HPCA) opposes this bill. 
If you are concerned about this bill, HPCA recommends contacting your elected officials to provide your input, and sending a copy to our Sandy Springs elected officials. 
Shea Roberts - shea.roberts@house.ga.gov (district 52, mostly west of High Point Rd)
Matthew Wilson - matthew.wilson@house.ga.gov (District 80, mostly east of High Point Road and some points south of Windsor Pkwy)
Jen Jordan -  jennifer.jordan@senate.ga.gov (Senate District 006)
Use this link to find your specific representative. 
Sandy Springs;
Mayor Rusty Paul - rpaul@sandyspringsga.gov
District 5 Council Representative Tibby DeJulio - tdejulio@sandyspringsga.gov.
Subject: I oppose HB 1093 
Dear - 
I personally support the Sandy Springs City Council and the High Point Civic Association’s opposition to HB 1093. 
I am in favor of preserving the right of cities, through their elected representatives, to determine their own land-use regulations. 
Please vote against HB 1093. 
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