Information You Need to Prepare to Vote

Election day is November 2.
Early voting begins on October 12.
The deadline to register to vote was October 4.
Sandy Springs Mayoral and City Council elections will be held November 2, 2021.   Mayor Rusty Paul is running for a third term and has one competitor, Dontaye Carter. The High Point Civic Association is located in the 5th city district, and incumbent 5th district council member Tibby DeJulio is running for re-election against challenger Colin Hubbard.  The association does not endorse any particular candidate, but encourages you to learn as much about the candidates as possible, and TO VOTE. 
Click on these links to get the voting information you need:
CLICK HERE to go to the Georgia Secretary of State “My Voter Page” website:
  • to check to ensure you are registered to vote
  • to view your sample ballot
  • to know when and where to vote
CLICK HERE to learn more about elections in Sandy Springs.
CLICK HERE for an August 20 article from the Sandy Springs Reporter on the full slate of candidates for all districts.
CLICK HERE for Rusty Paul’s campaign site.
CLICK HERE for Dontaye Carter’s campaign site.
CLICK HERE for Tibby DeJulio's website.
CLICK HERE for Colin Hubbard's website.
CLICK HERE to join the High Point Civic Association and receive updates.